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La Galeria de las Briofitas de México es un esfuerzo colaborativo para coordinar y promover la disponibilidad en linea de fotografias. La galeria consiste de fotos dentro de álbumes arreglados jerárquicamente.

This is a collaborative effort to coordinate and promote on-line availability of photographs of bryophytes of Mexico. The gallery consists of pictures within albums arranged hierarchically.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How to upload photos using

Now, it is easier to collaborate with the Gallery of Bryophytes of México.
First you need to register to this blog. Please send me your email to initiate your registration through
1. You will receive a link by email to go to the "registration" page.
2. If you do not have a "user account" with Google, you will need to do this first. To create a "user account" in Google any active email address will work (No need to open a new "email account"). Click on "Create your account now".

3. Accept invitation by filling in your "user name" and "password" you just created. It is convenient to check "Remember me?".
4. Your new "user account" and unique password it is all you need to "log in" to the blog. Using your preferred web browser (MS Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc), you "sign in" as registered "author", click on the "new post" button, and upload your bryophyte photographs.

Please check these help resources from

How do I post to my blog?
How do I post pictures?

Once again, everyone is invited to join!

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